News, history, and photos from Maine’s coast.

Rockport, MA Fisherman Robert Morris

Fishing in Rockport Harbor all his life, Robert Morris shares his own story as well as the stories the people he’s worked with over the years.

Publisher’s Note

Wooden boat ownership, lobster boat racing, updates from traveling around the coast this month.

Lobster Boat Racing Final Results – Winter Harbor & Portland

WINTER HARBOR LOBSTER BOAT RACES 08 August 2020 WORK BOATS 24 FEET AND UNDER         Race 1 – Class A, Inboard, Outboard or Outdrive, any hp, must have working hauler: 1) Little Miss Abby, Colin Piper (13.2 mph); and 2) Ship for Brains, Evan Strout. GAS POWERED WORK...

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Volume 33, Issue 10 of Maine Coastal News features articles on the 1908 Rice Brothers Cruiser being donated by the Farrin family to MMM, Rockport, Massachusetts fisherman Robert Morris, Gouldsboro Native Keith Young, Sheila Dassatt’s article on When the World Stops Turning,  U. S. Navy News, Vendee Globe Update, News from the DMR, DELA Report, and Lobster Boat Year End. Plus maritime history news from the past! And much more!