News, history, and photos from Maine’s coast.

Boat & Ship Yard News

Boat & Ship Yard News

News from the shops of Boricua Custom Boats, Wayne Beal’s Boat Shop, East Side Boat Shop, and John Williams Co.

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Maine Coastal News is a monthly publication with news, history and photos from all across Maine’s Coast.

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Volume 33, Issue 3 of Maine Coastal News features articles on Benny Beal of Jonesport and Wayne Rich & RICH RETURNS, Obituaries of Roger ‘Bub’ Johnson, Arnold ‘Joe’ Nickerson IV, Christopher Pinkham and John R. ‘Jack’ Barry, News from the U. S. Coast Guard and U. S. Navy, Sheila Dassatt’s article ‘Boats, Trucks and Fishing – Survival’, DELA Report, and What’s happening in the Boat and Shipyards. Plus maritime history news from the past! And much more!