News, history, and photos from Maine’s coast.

Need a Sternman?

The responsibilities of a sternman, what is fair and what isn’t?

Rockport, MA Fisherman Robert Morris

Fishing in Rockport Harbor all his life, Robert Morris shares his own story as well as the stories the people he’s worked with over the years.

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Maine Coastal News is a monthly publication with news, history and photos from all across Maine’s Coast.

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Volume 33, Issue 11 of Maine Coastal News features articles on the what is happening in a few of the boatyards and shipyards along the coast, David Hackett at the Harpswell Historical Society, Changes to Engine Regulations, Sheila Dassatt’s article ‘Need a Sternman?’,  U. S. Coast Guard News, U. S. Navy News, Vendee Globe Update, News from the DMR, and the DELA Report. Plus maritime history news from the past! And much more!